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#1 2005-12-01 12:50:28

From: Greenville, SC
Registered: 2005-07-31
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[issue] Permissions bug? staff writer can delete ANY / ALL images.

I have a mainly image based community site and as such I noticed what I felt was a discrepency and inconsistency between permissions for articles and permissions for images (upload/edit/delete)

I have an author permission level “staff writer” who is able to delete any or all the images (their own, and others).

I felt that this wasn’t consistent with the staff writer capabilities.

Staff Writer:
can create, edit, publish and delete own articles
can upload images

In admin_config.php “image” is only given one category vs article which has nine.

If this is a feature request, and is not seen as a bug, please feel free to move it, and accept my appologies for posting incorrectly. I had to choose one, and felt that this was the appropriate choice considering the strong logic in TXP?

Thanks very much,

Let me know if I can help? (although I am not a php savvy)



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