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#1 2019-01-11 12:41:35

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How do I use Textpattern with managed server.?

I am a chef by profession working in a local restaurant at Texas. My families, neighbors and my friends are literally in love with my food and tries to spend their holidays with me. They have even given me the idea to start blogging and I have been recommended to use textpattern for the cpanel but I am not sure which type of hosting is feasible for my blog and supports textpattern. I mean should I go for the managed web hosting platform by companies like Cloudways, Flywheel, etc. or unmanaged web hosting like DigitalOcean, Aws, Google Cloud etc.
Look, I am not a techie person and don’t know which one suits better for me. So please keep this in mind when you answer my question.

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#2 2019-01-11 14:19:55

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Re: How do I use Textpattern with managed server.?

Hi Kathy and welcome!

If you’re not a techie person, then definitely a managed web hosting platform, or one of the very typical linux-based shared server tariffs. Sometimes you see “wordpress hosting” packages – as they long as they don’t restrict you to just Wordpress, they’ll be fine too as the requirements are very similar.

Unless you have very special or high-volume aims with your blog, then you’ll find the smallest plan will usually suffice. The hosting doesn’t have to use cpanel either, but it’s quite common. You should be able to find reasonable offers in the 8-15$/month range.

These are the system requirements for Textpattern. If you need assistance getting going, or with installing Textpattern, I’m sure people here will be willing to help.

About the only thing to stay away from are Windows hosting plans. It’s not impossible to run Textpattern on those, just more involved.

PS: Of the two you mentioned, it looks like you get a lot more for your money from Cloudways than Flywheel. The smallest Cloudways plan is cheaper per month, storage is much more generous, number of sites is not limited, usage is metered by bandwidth rather than number of visits and 1 Terabyte of bandwidth is plenty.

PPS: Note that both Cloudways and Flywheel do not offer email accounts as part of their packages. That’s not a problem if you intend to use Gmail anyway, but if you want to use an email that is the same as your domain name, e.g. www.my-site-name.com and kathy@my-site-name.com, you will need to get separate email hosting. Cloudways has a bookable Email-Addon at 1$ / month per email address. Many other web hosts have email inclusive.

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