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#401 2018-06-13 13:24:17

From: United States
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Re: Txp cookies, visitor logging, and GDPR stuff in general

michaelkpate wrote #312507:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t actually comply with the law.

I can’t wait for the EU to fine a company for sending cookies to someone like Peter Bright. Peter is a naturalized US citizen, which required him to renounce his UK citizenship to get, but he mentioned once that it wasn’t actually recognized by the UK so he is still covered by GDPR.

Very strange. I hope you are joking… because they would have to be very informational invasive to find such things out for the typical Internet person browsing web pages.


#402 2018-06-13 20:36:16

From: Avon Park, FL
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Re: Txp cookies, visitor logging, and GDPR stuff in general

I appear to have been wrong according to GDPR – The Data Subject , Citizen or Resident?

1. A Data Subject under GDPR is anyone within the borders of the EU at the time of processing of their personal data. However, they can also be anyone and anywhere in the context of EU established Data Controllers an Data Processors.

2. If the Data Subject, moves out of the EU border and say becomes an expat, or goes on holiday then their personal data processed under these circumstances is not covered by the GDPR and they are no longer a Data Subject in the context of the GDPR, unless their data is still processed by an organisation “established” in the EU.

So when I was in Florence, Italy in 2010 and used an Internet Cafe I was covered. But the protection only covers people inside the EU – it doesn’t depend on citizenship.


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