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#11 2018-05-16 09:42:52

From: Germany
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Re: bot_wtc v8 for Textpattern v4.7 (beta)

0.7.5 is the old version for 4.6.2. I’ll have to try that on a fresh installation of the newest 4.7 final but I wasn’t aware of that.

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#12 2018-06-03 17:35:06

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From: Berlin
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Re: bot_wtc v8 for Textpattern v4.7 (beta)

On 4.7 with bot_wtc v8 i get an error after disabling and reenabling the plugin:

Notice "Undefined index: $(".custom-")" in /home/kliklak/public_html/infra/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(1826) : eval()'d code at line 459.


textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(1826) : eval()'d code:459 adminErrorHandler() textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(1826) : eval()'d code:524 bot_contextual_selectinput() textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(1826) : eval()'d code:872 bot_wtc_output_rows() textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php:1945 bot_wtc_tab() textpattern/index.php:257 callback_event()

preexisting settings for my write tabs are only half existing and appear somehow garbled.

EDIT: Tried several times now, the error reappears after disabling/reenabling plugin.

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