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#41 2015-01-03 16:17:35

From: Bloomington, IN
Registered: 2007-01-27
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Re: tru_podcast: A podcasting plugin for Textpattern

After eight years of tru_podcast — and nearly ten years, all told — I’ve moved my site (and its podcast) away from Textpattern.

Ikiwiki, the CMS I moved to, reflects my preferences for writing in vim, checking my thoughts into git, and storing and serving static content. That’s probably not what most folks running Textpattern secretly wish for. But in case anyone’s interested in what ikiwiki’s like, here’s how I improved ikiwiki’s podcasts to be as good as tru_podcast’s.

Textpattern and this plugin have served me well for a long time. Thank you very much, Textpattern team and Nathan!


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