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#1 2012-08-09 14:28:13

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Sections, categories.. newbie.

I am new to textpattern but love it already!
Thought I’d ask you experts before I fill my site up with content.

I want to build a site with 3 very distinctive subcategories for the different sections of my business.


All three categories will have subpages and subcategories. Mostley pages, some categories.

How should I set this up?

Right now I have done it like this:

3 sections: Retail, Wholesale, Design.
Categories connected to these and posts in them.

The single pages i made as categories with just one post but it just hit me that I can make them post directly.

Example of menu with wholesale section selected:

-Retail (Category called retailindex with a single post all following posts section retail)
-Wholesale (Category called wholesaleindex with a single post)
— News (Category)
— Prices (Category with a single post)
— Information (Category with a single post)
-Design (Category called designindex with a single post)

Then I set up the menu to show submenu if section is the right one.

Is this a good setup?
I find it a bit too confusing and want to get it right before I fill it up with content.

URL palmkvist.nu


#2 2012-08-09 19:26:25

From: Cologne
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Re: Sections, categories.. newbie.

Hi palmkvist, welcome to the forum!

I’m afraid it’s not gonna be too hard re-categorizing some umpteen posts or shoveling them into different sections, so don’t rack your brain too hard in advance.
What I don’t seem to grasp, though, is why you want to categorize single articles (one article/category). If the hierarchy of levels in your menu isn’t any different (concerning depth) than these two levels you posted, then I would use only sections and articles (see the hierarchic menu that comes with the default installation).

But maybe I simply didn’t understand what you’re planning to do.

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