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#81 2018-10-03 10:31:43

From: Lancashire
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Re: Decentralized software alternatives

colak wrote #314321:

Best way to decentralise.

  1. no social media, centralised or not.
  2. platform neutral apps which could be connected together. ie feeds, comment systems etc.
  3. all data posted belongs to the individual posting them. ie a comment could be posted via the poster’s site to the receiving one (where it will display) until the poster decides to delete it.
  4. control/moderation from the receiving sites
  5. backward compatibility – I had enough of having to change my hardware every 5 years.

That makes such a lot of sense, I bet most of us here will agree. But those in power want things they can make money out of, they want to use social media to win votes, so they’re not going to give it up. The masses are addicted to social media and hardware/software latest new things, so it will take something very appealing to lure them away. I hope TBL has created something great, I can’t tell if it is or isn’t yet, or at least something useful or inspiring enough to turn into something closer to what you want, Yiannis, because something is certainly needed and, as TBL says, needed right now.

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#82 2018-10-19 18:33:38

From: Cyprus
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Re: Decentralized software alternatives

In using Big Tech’s services, we manufacture a portion of its capital in real time. Property rights over that portion – for all of us, rather than for any of us – should be the basis of a universal basic income. Yanis Varoufakis, What Has Google Ever Done for Us?

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#83 2018-12-10 12:57:43

From: Haut-Rhin
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Re: Decentralized software alternatives

This is significant. NextCloud, a decentralized cloud storage server has provided the ability to integrate with the fediverse. There’s an estimated 100K NextCloud servers in operation right now, with who knows how many users on each, that’s another big influx of users to the fediverse.

You may have read about the tumbler fiasco in the last few days. This, along with the recent advances of federated blog software brought a huge wave of tumbler immigrants to the fediverse. People fed up with the on-going manipulations of that platform by the gatekeepers. Mastodon received a lot of them.

In other news, I found an old Txp user (VC 52) from way back, fncll. Rather, he signed up another account on my instance and I recognized the name when he started posting. Funny how people cling to their nicks. Those don’t mean much in the fediverse.

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