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#1 2017-06-09 17:30:17

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custom url

The field custom url in the article-form is a little bit mystery, isn`t it?

I work with a jump mark, which should take the user from the Exzerpt-headline to the full article. In the main-text-field I give the textile an id.

p(#1). here comes text.

To give the headline the anker, you have to put at the < a href-tag a # with the id, here it is 1, so that it in html looks like here:

<a href=“http://domain.de/headline#1”>(Exzerpt)headline</a>

The only possibility, after your change in the settings “cheme of url” to section/title, is to write into the custom url field the headline#1

Controling the link on the site of Exzerpts show the right pronunciation, it shows in the browsers footer http://domain.de/section/title# . If I give this adress to the browser I get my aim. But when I click on this link, it changes to http://domain.de/section/title%231 and dosn`t jump to the mark “1”
How can I solve this?


#2 2017-06-09 19:36:27

From: Cyprus
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Re: custom url

Hi pexman

from the docs

<txp:custom_field name="foo" escape="" />

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#3 2017-06-09 19:48:07

From: Cologne
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Re: custom url

Hallo pexman, ich glaube du suchst sowas hier (sogar auf Deutsch). Das Feld “benutzerdefinierte URL” ist für solche Tricksereien nicht gedacht, falls ich dich richtig verstanden hab, da sollten die Suchmaschinen nicht bei ihrer Arbeit verwirrt werden.

English translation: I think you’re looking for a solution like this one (German page). In case I understood what you’re doing: The field “URL-only title” isn’t meant for such tricks in order to not confuse the search engines.

Edit: Yiannis, you’re lightning.

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#4 2017-06-09 22:16:03

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Re: custom url

Vielen Dank Uli, das ist die Lösung


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