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#1 2017-04-20 13:07:38

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How to set an error-message for duplicated pages?

I’ve noticed (I guess it’s not a novelty) that all the tempates can be used to display articles by means of a section and an index page of each section.

In my case I’ve called all the articles from different section in only one specific (different) section page. So I mostly don’t profit the index page of each section. Look ths example:

www.website.xxx/indexpage/index.php (this is my index page) in which I list articles from different sections like the following:

articles1, articles2, articles3.

For such reason I don’t profit the following pages:


So I’ve created some ‘physical pages’ whose name is:
When I try to open them I get an error messages and I think that’s good to me;
but not the same happens when somebody open (less common):

- Furthermore www.website.xxx/indexpage/ is a duplication of www.website.xxx/indexpage/index.php (that I’‘ve also set as canonical URL for this comprehensive index-page)

If I create a physical page www.website.xxx/indexpage/ when I try to open it I get an error message and that would be good, if I didn’t get error messages also when I try to open all the articles categories, for example:

www.website.xxx/indexpage/?c=category2 ad so on


So, finally, at present I’m trying a way to get an error message without needing to use physical pages and similarly at what I get with 404 (default_error page), in order to prevet people to visit such duplicated pages and also to get no penalties from Google.

Any idea?


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