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From: Como
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Download this plugin at www.kreatore.it/txp/mck_editable

This plugin create a direct link to editable version of article and images by double click on self.

Table of contents

  1. List of features
  2. Plugin requirements
  3. Installation
  4. List of Tags and attributes
  5. Global variables
  6. Plugin events
  7. Examples
  8. Textpack
  9. Changelog

List of features

  • Direct link to article edit
  • Direct link to image edit
  • Direct link to file edit
  • Direct link to link edit

Plugin requirements

mck_editable minimum requirements:

  • Textpattern 4.5
  • Plugin dependency: > mck_login 2.0
  • Jquery enabled > 1.4.4


The general behavior stands: paste plugin code to the plugin installer textarea and run the automatic setup. Then just activate the plugin and you are ready to use new tags that plugin includes like others.

For usage, basically just put <txp:mck_editable_script /> into head tag or into a footer of any page you need. Then wrap each object with <txp:mck_editable> .. </txp:mck_editable>

List of Tags and attributes

<txp:mck_editable />

Show if logged in wrapper whit data attribute of each object to edit.
Double click on object to go to admin edit area.


  • event: event of object: article,image,link,file Default:article
  • wraptag: HTML wraptag Default:div
  • class: wraptag’s HTML class
  • id: wraptag’s HTML id
  • atts: other HTML attributes

<txp:mck_editable_script />

Print necessary js script


Example 1

A classical article wrapper

<txp:mck_editable wraptag="article">
  <h1><txp:title /></h1>
    <div name="body">
    <txp:body />

Example 2

Example for an images wrapper

<txp:images category="example">
  <txp:mck_editable event="image" wraptag="figure" class="bigimage">
    <txp:image />
  </txp:mck_editable />

Example 3

Overwrite class attribute (presume code of 1° example)

article.mck_editableHover{border:2px dotted #f00;background:#ccc;}


No textpack in this version


  • 0.2 Add id and atts attribute
  • 0.1 [24/03/13] Initial version

{Needed to edit Textile to make some vanished tags reappear. – Uli}

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