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#1 2012-08-29 16:03:17

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[howto] Hiding UI elements in Hive admin theme on 4.5 onwards

Not a very well known feature, but you can easily hide certain UI elements when using Hive admin theme in Textpattern 4.5 and beyond. To use them simply add any of the rules below to your textpattern -> config.php file, before the closing ?> line.

Hide Textpattern branding:

define('hive_theme_hide_branding', true);

Hide page headings:

define('hive_theme_hide_headings', true);

Hide preview tabs group (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_preview_tabs_group', true);

Hide Textile group (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_textile_group', true);

Hide advanced group (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_advanced_group', true);

Hide recent articles group (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_recent_articles_group', true);

Hide keywords field (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_keywords_field', true);

Hide comments group (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_comments_group', true);

Hide expires fields (write/edit page):

define('hive_theme_hide_expires_field', true);

Hide tag builder column (pages and forms pages):

define('hive_theme_hide_tag_builder_column', true);

Hide form preview button (forms page):

define('hive_theme_hide_form_preview', true);


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