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#1 2012-08-17 08:13:23

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Alexipharmaque new website

Hi folks.

Here is my latest work for a french books editor : http://alexipharmaque.eu


Cause I lost a bet, I offer to create a new website for free.
That’s a website revamp (initial static html can be seen here http://alexipharmaque.net/OLD-SITE/).
The client wanted to keep the initial look (B/W) and a simple website.

Plugins in use

Many thanks to wet_babble that solve me a SEO problem with categories into Urls (changed by “Collections”) and offer a better UI experience with sections (changed by “Pages” which is more understandable for the final user) : what a very simple and efficient plugin!
Thanks to yab_shop plugin for all checkout process : unavoidable plugin!
Thanks to rah_section_title for a more confortable titles name display.
pat_speeder is also in use.
Many thanks to Jukka who help me to solve the alphabetic sorting for the footer list.

Your comments are welcome.

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