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#1 2012-07-27 15:54:46

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[SOLVED] Advanced Search

I created a How To for anyone interested in seeing how it is done.

For a new project, I have the need to create an advanced search function.

For background, I am using Textpattern · 4.4.1 and gerhard’s custom field plugin to store the search criteria and gomedia’s adi_gps plugin to alter the url.

-After reviewing the forum, I have been succesful in getting the following to work (with some modification): Filter article lists using drop-down select menus

The above works great for a combination where the fields are pull down selections, but I need to offer a multi select field. With the multi select field, I need to be able to only include articles that have these items also selected. I think either a Bloke plug in (don’t they always come in handy) or esq_glzcfvallist may be necessary, but not completely sure and could use a nudge in the right direction.

If it helps understand the site better:

-Think of a car site.
I have it working fine if the end user selects type of car (Honda) and/or color (Red).
Now need them to select multiple options (power steering etc.) and have that return the appropriate results including the above filtering. The multiple options are in a single custom multi check field.-

As always, any and all guidance is greatly appreciated.


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