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#11 2012-05-15 11:38:28

Core designer
From: Farnham, Surrey, UK
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Re: UI elements (labels, headers, menu items...)

You can punch me, I made the decision to sentence capitalise the whole admin side and was allowed to do it. But there were reasons for that – we had inconsistencies before with some stuff as sentence capitals and others as word capitals. Destry had also written a comprehensive documentation guidelines which advocated the former. It’s also the correct English grammar. Finally, it just looks better too IMHO.

Be reassured though that this is now the standard we will stick to – it won’t change again. I’ll put that info into the design patterns document when Txp4.5 is nearer completion.

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#12 2012-05-15 11:39:55

Plugin Author
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Re: UI elements (labels, headers, menu items...)

Done on rah apartment. Updated development versions of all public plugins to use sentence case labels. Rah_post_versions is now known by simply Versions and rah_change_passwords goes by Change passwords. Those are two only rah prefixed plugins affected, rest are either dropped (rah_autogrowing_textarea) and don’t get new updates, DIA/WIP or have only one word.

Bloke wrote:

@Jukka: let’s be thankful that rah_chuck_norris doesn’t have an admin tab. Anyone who sees “Chuck Norris” in their UI might be forgiven for thinking that clicking it will result in getting their face kicked in!

I will kick that to oblivion eventually, or at least hide it to some Old and useless category ;-) If and when I get some updates done.

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#13 2012-05-15 11:46:44

From: Alemannia
Registered: 2004-08-04
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Re: UI elements (labels, headers, menu items...)

Gocom wrote:

Prefixes can be proper nouns, e.g. product/brand names. I write Rah with capital R when used a word, as it’s a proper noun. It’s also the plugin’s prefix.

No argument.

The point of the dev prefixes discussion was to show a convention is needed in UI menu items, it can’t simply be what a given person wants to do, that’s not a convention. I don’t care if it’s “Rah” or “rah”, you devs can decide on that, but I do care that whatever is decided, it’s done consistently thereafter. Maybe you have to define it for different contexts of use too (e.g., for UI menu items it becomes “Rah” to work easier with the sentence-case). Once you guys decide, then make it a permanent rule, and let me know so I can update copy guidelines too.

Of course, like we’ve agreed, better to avoid using prefixes for extension names if at all possible.


#14 2012-05-15 11:53:45

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: UI elements (labels, headers, menu items...)

Gocom wrote:

[Chuck Norris plugin] I will kick that to oblivion eventually

Thanks. It was the only plugin I couldn’t adequately categorize when I rejigged the textpattern.org categories. Had to use the ‘fun’ category which I knew was dangerous territory as it belittled Chuck Norris and reduced him to a novelty item. And I value my face.

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