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#1 2012-02-10 21:00:01

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[textile] Modifying TexTile


I hope this is the official home of Textile (PHP version) as i can’t find an official website…

What i’m trying to achieve is to modify/extend Textile to perform the same wiki formatting that Redmine does (which is in Ruby) for a custom application i’m writing in PHP.

The few things i’d specifically like:

  • Automatic conversion of URLs into links (without a description prefix) e.g. in redmine, typing www.google.com will be converted into a link, Textile requires me to write Google
  • Conversion of any number preceded by # (ie #1234) into a link to Redmine (so it turns out as https://myredmine/issues/1234)
  • Conversion of UNC and and other file linking paths into URLs in the file:/// format

The Redmine URL path i can manage quite easily using php preg_replace to convert into a URL, but i’d like textile to convert this into a link.

Infomation on extending textile would be much appreciated.



#2 2012-02-10 23:47:08

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Re: [textile] Modifying TexTile

I believe textile’s home is here

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