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#1 2011-11-29 09:19:57

Plugin Author
From: Nantes, France
Registered: 2009-03-19
Posts: 138

Pixrobot.net website


After using Textpattern for a few client website, i finally launched mine.

plugins used :

  • adi_matrix
  • rah_textile_bar
    which only display images button on my remote server.
    Couldn’t make it display the images on my local machine (running Windows XP)
  • bot_image_upload
  • fpx_image_import
    real time saver for mass import
  • upm_savenew
  • zem_contact_lang
  • zem_contact_reborn
  • cnk_versioning mod by Maniqui

I used Mrdale tutorial to build a client section,and added a simple support ticket system.

  • cbe_frontauth
  • glx_if
  • mdp_calendar
  • mem_form
  • mem_public_article
    used by client inside client section to open a ticket
  • rah_comment_form
    to comment on ticket inside protected client section

And some home-brew code to :

  1. manage client file upload to a specific directory (no DB entry created),
  2. check for ticket updates
  3. enable French or English rendering depending on browser default language


#2 2012-02-04 14:43:11

Registered: 2011-08-31
Posts: 128

Re: Pixrobot.net website

I need to make a client section on my current project. What I need to do is, I need to add functionality to view high-res images of products in client section & make a way to add collection of products etc.
I am totally clueless about how to do it.
Can you help me ?

Thanks for your time.


#3 2012-02-06 10:17:05

Plugin Author
From: Nantes, France
Registered: 2009-03-19
Posts: 138

Re: Pixrobot.net website

Hi vineonardo,
if i understand correctly, you want a protected area to view some sort of image gallery ?
I guess ign_password_protect or cbe_frontauth would do the trick.
For the add collection of products i don’t understand what you want to do.
FYI the client section i built was a way to provide some functionality for client to upload content from front end.
You may want to check Mrdale tutorial for the gallery part


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