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#11 2012-06-21 13:26:08

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Re: sorting articles with pull-down


is this what this plug in does: http://textpattern.org/tips/325/section-and-category-pull-down-menus ?

Currently I want to navigate through categories not by clicking a menue item but by choosing the category from a pulldown…and then the page refreshes and the content of the category shows up.

Is this, what is described in this thread here?
(And by the way…thes plug in seems to be based on java script, I wanted to avoid that…but this solution in the thread here, works without java script?!)
…EDIT: No it’s not a plug in, it’s an code example…but though based on java script.

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#12 2012-06-21 16:57:06

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Re: sorting articles with pull-down

I don’t think a select input element can trigger a change to the current page without JavaScript. Maybe you could use some pure css menu that acts like a dropdown? Something like this css3 dropdown

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