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#11 2008-10-11 22:14:48

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Re: archive_list glass template not working properly.

Matt: If you can’t add new sections it isn’t much of a theme is it? I’m pretty sure you can though.

LA: Change the page template for those sections first to make sure that the top links display the page correctly.

How many articles do you have in those categories?

Deleting the categories won’t delete the articles however I don’t think you can delete the categories if there are articles attached to them so you would need to go to each article and change the category to “blank” and re-save. Once the categories are empty you can delete them. Deleting the current categories isn’t a necessity but if you already have the articles segregated into sections it seems pointless putting them into categories of the same name when you can create new and more specific categories. It’s entirely up to you. I wouldn’t waste time creating another install.

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