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#21 2007-12-27 09:12:45

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Re: Byte-Order Mark

I am using version 0.4.632 of gbp_admin_library.
I also did not find a BOM in any of the files.

EDIT: I have deleted the plugin files and installed them again and I also updated all my templates. Problem seems to be fixed.
However there is still a blank line before my doctype but it is not causing any validation errors.

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#22 2007-12-27 10:46:32

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Re: Byte-Order Mark


One thought, this is the first build that uses compressed plugins so can you grab the previous version of the pack from here (v0.7.363) and only install the uncompressed gbp_admin_library plugin from that (it’s the same version as you’re trying to run with now.)

Many thanks in advance!

Edit: — Please post any follow-up to the MLP Pack’s thread.

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