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#1 2005-12-01 14:15:10

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Ability to turn off accesskey="" and tabindex=""


I’d really love to see a parameter or admin. pref. option that let’s me turn off the comment_form Form’s accesskey=”“ and tabindex=”“ in the different input fields as they are making it harder to navigate. I myself always fill in my name, email and url before I start writing a comment and it is really annoying when TextPattern’s default setting moves my curser from name > email > url > whatever field or link is first on the page. The comment text form is first in the form’s tabindex it would seem.

I ended up just removing the tabindex alltogether by hacking the neccesary files.


#2 2005-12-13 15:37:00

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Re: Ability to turn off accesskey="" and tabindex=""

I just ended up doing the same thing on 24ways.org, after many, many complaints.
I can really see no reason why tabindex needs to be specified on such a simple form.

drew mclellan


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